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Mbhs #: 0512

First Row: Sarah Elizabeth McKee Hopkins King

Source: Evelyn Byrne Williams collection

Notes: Sarah was born at Logtown in 1859, 5th of the 14 children of John & Maryum Bowen. At age 16 she was married to 45-year-old Daniel Hopkins, an enterprising Nova Scotian who had business dealings with John. Daniel was killed 2 years later in an accident at his saw mill on Forest Creek, leaving Sarah with 2 daughters. On January 24, 1881, she married David King, a member of the Pence family who worked at and took over the saw mill. They had 7 children (only 3 surviving infancy), sold out of Forest Creek and moved to Ashland in 1888, and divorced in the early 1900s. Sarah was last seen in 1912 by a nephew, riding in a buggy with an unknown man on the road from Fort Klamath to Klamath Falls. Sarah was not seen or heard by family members again.