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History of the Society

Thank you to those who gave MBHS their time and talents by providing guidance or materials for the development of this website:

– Christina Ammon, author and travel guide,

– Beverly Kenney, photographer, MBHS Member

– Robert Kentta, Cultural Specialist, Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians,

– Chelsea Rose, academic advisor to MBHS; Archaeologist, Southern Oregon University Laboratory of Anthropology,

– Janeen Sathre, McKee descendant & advisor to the MBHS Board of Directors

– Pamela Sewell, photographer, MBHS Director

– William “Whit” Whitney, artist, creator of the round bridge and Bigfoot logos

– Website design by Laurel Briggs, Creative Marketing Design

The core of the MBHS Virtual Museum, and many of the images presented elsewhere in this website, come from the collection of Evelyn Bryne Williams.  Evelyn’s mother Pearl McKee Byrne started this effort to preserve and organize photos and other pieces from the Upper Applegate’s past, carefully noting their sources, contents, and other information to establish provenance whenever possible.  Other MBHS members and Applegate residents have contributed items from their own scrapbooks to Evelyn over the years.  In turn, many of these photos and relics have been made available to entities such as the Southern Oregon Historical Society, whether by Evelyn or the original possessor.

Accordingly, it is not surprising that some items on are indexed or displayed elsewhere.  When we know that an item has been retrieved from or provided by a non-MBHS source, appropriate attribution is provided.  In the many cases where we have a reasonable basis to conclude that the collection created by Evelyn or another MBHS member is the “original” contributor, we acknowledge that source.

Unless otherwise noted, copyright to all text is held and retained by Laura B. Ahearn and used here by McKee Bridge Historical Society under exclusive license.