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Rhoda Ann Hutchinson Dunlap Cassidy (1803-86)

Mbhs #: 0509

Year Range: 188s

First Row: Rhoda Ann Hutchinson Dunlap Cassidy (1803-86)

Source: Evelyn Byrne Williams collection

Notes: Rhoda Ann came to Logtown in 1860, along with her sister Almira, when Almira's son John McKee retrieved his extended family from Missouri to cross the Applegate Trail. Sister Roxy Ann was living in the Eden District - today's Phoenix - as of 1860 with husband John Bowen and 2 pauper sons, her daughter Martha having married well into the Bellinger clan. Rhoda Ann's husband, Rev. James Washington Dunlap, died in 1862 and is the first documented (although not the first actual) burial at Logtown Cemetery. Two years later Rhoda Ann married Patrick Cassidy in Josephine County. They moved to Ferndale, Humboldt County, CA.