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Mbhs #: 0003.1

Year: 1909

Date: 02 Aug 1909

Location: Ruch - Forest Creek

Location 2: Buncom - Palmer Creek

2nd Row: Mary Winningham

First Row: Ernest McKee

Source: Evelyn Byrne Williams collection

Notes: "Helo Kid, how did you get over the dance. It was certainly classic wasn't it Kido. I am improving slocly (slowly?). We had a great old time coming home. When are you coming down Kid there was a girl told me to ask you that can you guess who. ans soon ta ta M.W. What do you know about this card. It's a hot stunt isn't it Kido." Ernest lived at Palmer Creek, which was served by the Buncom post office at this time. His cousin Mary Winningham lived at Forest Creek. We find "Helo Kid" and "Kido" in all of her postcards.