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Mbhs #: 362.1

Year: 1908

Date: 18 Nov 1908

Location: Mark Winningham farm, Forest Creek

2nd Row: Postcard to Ella M. Horn (1893-?)

First Row: Mary Hester Winninngham (1891-1958)

Source: Evelyn Byrne Williams collection

Notes: Copied from an original postcard, postmarked from Jacksonville Nov 11, 1908, addressed to Ella Horn, Buncom. The writing is extemely faint and cramped: "Helo old kid, how are you fine and dandy I hope. I am fine and __ hair. Say kido why don't you come home. We have been having a devil of time since you have been over Hallie (Hallis?) is over and he is same as ever. Isn't this a stunner of a postal. do I look the same as I used to did. ah. ah. ah."