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Mbhs #: 0766

Year: 1881

Date: 10 Sep 1881

First Row: Wm. Ford, Alex Ingard (Enyart), David King, E.B. Caton

Source: Oregon Sentinel, 10 Sep 1881

Notes: The Fords do not appear in the 1880 census for Forest Creek. Alex. "Ingard" was Alexander Lee Enyart, son of Mary Terrier Zelmore Enyart Billups Smith Buckley. He married Ellen Irene Bannister on 7 March 1881. Their daughter Mary Jane Enyart married Jesse Dee Harrington, and died in Portland on 2 Aug 1971. David King was the second husband of Sarah Elizabeth McKee, 5th of the 14 children of John M. & Maryum McKee. Her first husband, Daniel Hopkins, died in a sawmill accident. This baby girl was named Emma but did not live long.