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Star Gulch

Barn at 6621 Upper Applegate Road

Mbhs #: 0715

Year: 1942

Date: July 1942

Source: Library of Congress - Russell Lee Collection

Notes: In 1942 this barn and ranch were owned by Charles & Metta Ann Buck (as in "Charlie Buck Trail" where he grazed cattle on Baldy Peak). Charlie was one of seven children of William and Matilda Buck, who came to Little Applegate from California in 1874. Metta Ann was the daughter of Jacob and Frances Parks who arrived in Josephine County in the 1870s and shortly thereafter took a homestead in Buncom. (See comments for portraits.) Charlie and Metta Ann married on November 19, 1892. Clarence was born in 1893 and Letha in 1895. The Bucks purchased the ranch and barn from Patrick Swayne in 1907. Charlie died in 1951, Metta Ann in 1960, and Clarence in 1961, leaving the ranch to Letha who sold to Fred Straube in 1964. Robert and Heath London owned the ranch in the 1990s. Jackson County appraised the barn at $2621. The current owners acquired the place in 1999, and in 2018 started growing and processing marijuana ... in a 30x40' steel building, not in the barn.