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Amanda Mildred (Matney) Bridges grave

Mbhs #: 0903

Year: 1917

Location: Logtown Cemetery

First Row: Mildred Bridges, Gladys Bridges, Martha "Mattie" Matney

Source: Charles "Pony" Ellingson

Notes: Amanda Mildred died of tuberculosis at age 33 in 1913. The proceeds of her life insurance policy were place in trust for her daughters Mildred and Gladys. Their father James Bridges misappropriated the funds and squandered them in San Francisco. Amanda Mildred's older sister, Martha "Mattie," was made guardian of the girls. The company that had issued the surety bond for the trust was required to pay, but in turn sued the bank that had cashed the check signed by James Bridges - in his individual capacity, not as trustee. The graves are not simply decorated with flowers - they were actual flower gardens.