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In October 2011, MBHS paid $13,400 for an engineering firm to inspect the bridge.  Several deficiencies were uncovered including one very serious problem with a joint in the north truss. The engineers recommended that Jackson County close the bridge to pedestrians. In November of 2012, the county installed chain link fences and locked gates at both ends of the bridge house. The walkway approach remained open. 

Jackson County decided to apply for a federal grant to fully restore the bridge. The estimated cost at the time was almost $550,000. The National Historic Covered Bridge Preservation Program required matching funds of at least 10.27% of the total cost.  That meant that MBHS would need to raise the about $56,000. On August 2, 2012, the Federal Highway Administration awarded $491,048 to the county.  MBHS exceeded its fundraising goal, and was able to secure additional grants totaling around $62,000, MBHS again providing matching funds of $6,200.